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Concrete Leveling and Mudjacking

Over time, the concrete around your home can fall victim to sinking or settling problems. This is caused by poor soil compaction during the time of installation or through the expansion and contraction of the soil due to fluctuating levels of moisture. When the concrete is sinking, whether it is a sidewalk, patio, driveway, pool deck, steps, or stoops, often times a contractor will tell you to replace it. This is usually an expensive option due to the need to remove, frame, and re-pour the slab.

Thankfully there is an alternative to replacing the slab, concrete leveling, lifting, and raising using mudjacking. This process is very straightforward and can be used to raise, level, and support any type of sinking or unstable concrete slab. This is done by drilling a series of holes into the slab and pumping a grout material under the slab to steadily raise it back into place. Mudjacking is a cost effective alternative to replacing the entire slab and can be done with minimal impact to the surrounding area and in a relatively short amount of time.

How Does Mudjacking Work?

Mudjacking is the process of hydraulically pumping a cement slurry mixture through small holes drilled in a sinking concrete slab to gently and evenly raise it back into a level position. As the slurry is pumped in, it will fill the space or void below the slab that is causing it to sink. Once the void is filled, the slurry will begin to build up pressure that will raise the sunken slab back up to its original position.

Mudjacking is ideal for every type of sunken concrete slab you've got on your property. It is important to fix any problematic areas before they start to become a real nuisance or cause yourself or a visitor to trip and fall. This is especially important for sidewalks, patios, and pool decks due to their high traffic locations.

Mudjacking Steps

Step 1

Quackers Concrete Leveling Process Step 1

Holes are drilled into the slab that is sinking, these will be used to pump in the slurry mixture.

Step 2

Quackers Concrete Leveling Process Step 2

Carefully and slowly pump in the slurry mixture to bring the slab back into its original position.

Step 3

Quackers Concrete Leveling Process Step 3

After the slab is lifted, the holes are patched with concrete and the job site is cleaned up.

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